Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Can you believe the third illustration in the last post took nearly three hours to draw?

This is the 15-shaft emergency draft I never got to finish, but I like this one. A lot.

No, I haven't tested the loom to see if it's fixed yet. I haven't even updated my To Do lists, but I baked a coffee cake and made a nice fish soup today.


  1. No wonder you felt frazzled at the end of all that. But apart from being a bit creased, the scarves are hanging, away from the wall and are looking good. Isn't life just one huge learning curve. The piece illustrated in this post is beautiful. Look at it, eat your coffee cake and enjoy both.

  2. Meg, this is simply stunning.

  3. It certainly is a beautiful piece of photography! But......I'd also like to see a picture of the fabric as fabric, not just as a smashing piece of photography!

  4. It's very dramatic, and diva-ish. I was a photo buff in a previous life and I think the pic is great. Enjoy the cake!

  5. Ta, Carol. You're too kind. The coffee cake (with crushed dark chocolate with coffee beans and dried cherries) was yummy. I didn't glaze it, though - too much sugar, I'll be bouncing off the walls again!

    Geodyne, thank. Andrea Chandler who organized the Artists in Focus and I were talking it'd be nice to have elegant chairs covered in this type of textile. I really like this draft and might just weave with it even if the loom is fine.

    Peg, I don't have much more of this piece, ya'know.

    Deep End, yes, ever since we started the Nelson Daily Photo blog, I've been fascinated by the play of light and shadow - something I find very difficult to see in real life. So at sunset I look for high-contrast photo op. The couch on which the textile rests is very old and tatty and I was wondering how much of it would show in the final cut, but not too much, so, phew.....


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