Thursday, October 22, 2009

It's All in My Head

And by that, I don't mean the depression, but more the destination addiction.

I noticed yesterday, after Tim's lecture, that I've been holding my breath for a long time waiting so I can create preposterous textiles. And waiting for what, exactly?

The biggest obstacle was supposed to be the cleaning and sorting of the stash room, which I finished, shock, horror, 17 days ago!! (And I've been counting, but had thought it was 12.) And I'm pleased with the result, even though the bookshelf is already bulging, with two more books to arrive from the US and possibly three (tine ones) from Japan. And even though I haven't cut bay branches so the place smells badly of mothballs and gives me a metallic taste in my mouth, I still go in just to have a look around, or to line up cones and plan future projects.

And the studio, though it didn't go under drastic transformation like the stash room, is sorted, tidied and with all the "just in case" stuff thrown out, the drawers are not crammed so it's easy to find things. And I know every little nook and cranny was vacuumed, and so it feels clean.

So, my coast is clear. It's as if my brain is stuck in that winter depression mode, and I need an oil change or tire rotation up there. (Ben's been working a lot on his candy car, ergo the car metaphors. Otherwise, I'll never think of describing myself in this way.) But there is nothing stopping me any more, so I can breathe out and start making cloth now. Yay.

(It was hard writing this post without using "should", "ought", or "must", but I can do that now, too.)


  1. I like the term "destination addiction", dearest Meg. It's very appropriate.

    I can understand the need to have a tidy space in order for creativity to happen (she says, thinking of her weaving room currently full of bicycles, tents, a padded boiler suit needing alterations, drying washing and a bag in the process of being packed for a field season), but
    sorting an entire stash room was a rather grand displacement activity.

    The main question still is, do you want to weave?

  2. Geodyne, dear friend, for a while I had thought it was a medical term, a psychological term, but I don't think it is.

    A padded boiler suit? You're still having a heck of an adventurous life, I say!

    Can I answer your question this way? I want to create astonishingly beautiful things, and to do that, my method/medium of choice is weaving/textiles. I think that constitutes a "yes".

  3. preposterous! I was trying to remember what your word was! will it be a different word in 2010? Or will you stay with preposterous for a while?

  4. Well, there's not been much of 2009, so it might stay, or I could come up wiht a more prepostrous word?


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