Thursday, April 29, 2010

I'm Looking For...

I'm looking to buy a couple of things, and if you have something on Esty or similar, I'd love to know.

First is a pin cushion; it need not be particularly beautiful or ornate, but practical, with lots of stuffing, and biggish. If it has the elastic so I can put it around my wrist, all the better, but if not, I might stitch it on later. Actually, I would like to have two.

The other thing is artist's notebooks. I'm always on a look out for good ones, particularly with unlined paper inside, for myself and as gifts. But not the $Gazillion kind; I love them, but I'd be too scared to use them, so something beautiful and "nice" or "lovely". This one is a long-term, on-going search.



  1. If you want to make a pin cushion check this out.

  2. Oh, Deep End, that, from where I am, is way too Advanced Knitting, though very cute...


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