Books for Adoption

I am looking for new homes for some books, many in very good condition. If you've been looking for something in the used book market or know a new weaver who may benefit, I may be your guy.

Postage from New Zealand is not cheap, but New Zealand $ is oh-so-low against many currencies, (this is one calculator I use,) there may be good deals. Also, if you order now from outside New Zealand, the parcel will NOT arrive by Christmas. Just so you know.

There are a few non-weaving books at the bottom. Please email me if interest. And as ever, thank you.

(Payment by PayPal or direct deposit; if in Kiwi $, personal cheque or cash also accepted.) Ask me anything, including p/p.
Probably among the best first weaving books. NZ$5 plus postage/packaging.
A classic I thought I must have but never "got". NZ$2 plus p/p.
Another classic I thought I must have but seldom referred to. NZ$2 plus p/p. 

 Another a gift from a weaving school teacher. NZ$2 plus p/p.

 In Swedish, but no problem because of the drafts. Volume III are in the overshot style.
NZ$1 each plus p/p.
 Weaving interesting cloth using multiple heddles on rigid heddle looms.
NZ$1 plus p/p.
Not the famous green, four-shaft book, but the Laura M. Allen collection edited by Davison.
Four shafts. NZ$2 plus p/p.
One of the prettiest weaving books, but not all pieces have explicit instructions.
NZ$2 plus p/p.
5 - Dishtowels
7 - Simple Style
10 - Terrific Table Toppers
11 - Heirloom Table Linens
12 - Great Cover-ups
15 - Sensational Scarves
16 - Kitchen Collection
18 - A Treasury of Towels
19 - Scarves and Shawls for All Seasons
For postage/packaging only.

You need a three-ring binder, but it has pages and pages of life-size width of different yarns,
probably mostly American. For p/p only.

 This is a plan for building a four-shaft. For p/p only.

A really cute book for making and weaving on tiny looms.
Maybe useful for art teachers for children? NZ$2 plus p/p.

And some non-weaving books. 

The cover says it all. NZ$2 plus p/p.

Another book that requires no introduction; beautiful photos and writing.
NZ$5 plus p/p.
 The cover says it all. It's a beautiful book. NZ$2 plus p/p.

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