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Hello, and thank you for visiting my shop. Here are some scarves looking for lovely humans. Please don't hesitate to ask me anything.

1. Poppy Field - Large Scarf/Wrap - NEW SOLD
There were many events over the years leading me to weave this piece. My love of hellebore flowers; creating a draft/weaving pattern one insomnia night with colorful cottons in mind, (I love poppies, too, but the draft was based on hellebores;) creating a very orange/red warp to reignite my weaving mojo; weaving the hellebore draft in grown-up colors in merino to great satisfaction; putting the very orange/red cotton warp on the loom for an experimental project, not finding pleasure, and reworking to finally weave hellebores as intended. And I am thrilled with the result.
This is a "Here I am!" piece. It is in cotton with silk-like sheen. It is a big piece with some weight, so you will most definitely feel "wrapped". And it pays to have learned friends; when I pondered the piece not being in hellebore colors, writer Barbara suggested "Eschscholzias", California poppies. Perfect! 
Cotton, 59cm * 212cm + fringes. NZ$320 + p/p.

2. Elephants Crossing Tahunanui Hill - Large Scarf/Wrap - NEW SOLD
Last year I was commissioned to make a baby blanket. It was a project for which I experimented, sampled, and reworked ideas for weeks. When I finally settled on my plan, I made a long warp just in case something went wrong. Fortunately there was no hitch, the blanket turned out lovely, and I even had enough warp left for a long piece. Like the blanket, this is light, fluffy, and heavenly, if I may say so myself. The merino allows the cloth to felt better than cashmere both ways, making the texture more cushiony. 

The baby lives in town, so the blanket had to travel over our little Tahunanui Hill. As Ben drove, I couldn't stop giggling over images of tiny, colorful elephant babies jumping and frolicking in a noisy procession.

NZ Merino warp, cashmere weft. 46.5cm * 199cm + fringes. NZ$400 + p/p.
3. Pizazz - Large Scarf - NEW
Some years ago I discovered my go-to yarn source started stocking fine merino in many different colors. I've used this yearn in the warp or the weft, but I was keen to try it both ways for color interaction. This was my first such piece.

The warp has four blues and a teal, the weft is hot pink; the whole piece looks reddish purple, and in the right light, you can see the warp colors glisten. It has a light, "fancy" texture.
NZ Merino, 38cm * 215cm + fringes. NZ$360 + p/p.

4. Kaleidoscope - Cowl - NEW SOLD
Because I am short and round and clumsy, I've come to appreciate cowls in recent times, sometime in preference to scarves. This piece is from the same warp as Pizazz. 
I always test covering my head with scarves and cowls not only because in Minneapolis, I did just that under my wool hat and jacket hood before stepping out for the 11 block hike to school, but also of the indelible image of "Sue" doing it so elegantly in that very unlikely film, "Crocodile Dundee"!! This piece's generous circumference allows you to do it in style.   
NZ Merino, 121cm circumference * 39cm high. NZ$220 + p/p.
5. My Dear, We're Still Goodbying - Wrap
This piece has been listed in my shop before, but the story remains the same. 
The line from Bing Crosby's "Let It Snow" (second verse) unfailingly brings back memories of an evening in South Minneapolis when I was 16, just before my first Christmas as an international student. Guests were wrapped up in layers and layers of warm clothing, while those who belong to the house shivered in sweaters and socked feet, on terracotta tile inside the outer front door, unwilling to let the guests go. The scene was repeated in many other homes in subsequent years every winter. I could have used this piece then. 
Wool warp, possum/merino/silk weft. 54cm * 181cm + unclipped fringes. NZ$240 + p/p.

6. Green Apple - Wrap 
We have two old apple trees in a steep slope, what Ben thinks is Gala, and a Granny Smith. Galas our neighbour harvests and dehydrates, while I collect the Granny Smiths to make a not-very-sweet, lumpy apple sauce I like to use in baking or to have with yogurt or ice cream. 
Wool warp, possum/merino/silk weft. 53cm * 186cm + unclipped tassels. NZ$240 + p/p.

7. Midnight Snow - Small Scarf - NEW
Weaving large pieces with bright colors and new designs give me one kind of pleasure. Weaving smaller, less flashy pieces give me another kind, because I know these scarves will be hung with coat or jacket and be worn by you all season. I wove three pieces on the same mid-gray warp, using different color wefts; this is the black. The piece has that unique merino quality that "leans" on you for comfort.
100% NZ Merino. 20cm * 178cm + short fringes. NZ$180 + p/p. 
8. Fog - Small Scarf - NEW
Gray is my favorite color, a mild mid-gray like this heavenly. One of the ways I love to weave is to use similar/same colors in the warp and the weft, so the design appears more like a relief than interlacement of colors. In this piece, I used the exact same yarn both ways in this piece, but the design not only shows but in different lights the yarns appear almost two-toned.

100% NZ Merino. 20cm  * 174cm + short fringes. NZ$180 + p/p.

 9. First Snow - Small Scarf - NEW
This is the piece with white weft and spreads a decidedly lighter mood. 
When I was about nine, Mom commented how wonderful it would be to wear a stylish white winter coat; what she meant was we couldn't, because we were such tomboys. In Nelson we don't need winter coats, but if we did, pale gray colors like this, perhaps I could manage, because in certain light it looks nearly white.
100% NZ Merino. 20cm * 170cm + fringes. NZ$180 + p/p.
10. Shoal - Medium Scarf/Wrap
Tahunaui Beach and Rabbit Island are lovely sources of design ideas; I particularly like marks left on the sand. Some of the NZ wool in the warp were hand-dyed and handspun by my mother. This is a surprisingly light-weight piece. 

Wool warp, cashmere bouclé weft. 39cm * 168cm + chunky fringes. NZ$140 + p/p.
11. Yesterday - Medium Scarf/Wrap 
Sheep's wool has scales, which allows better felting, or extreme shrinking if we're not careful. These days wool is usually treated to allow machine washing, meaning scales are removed and yarn coated with synthetic material to prevent felting. 
Wool with scale allows a lovelier, more personal texture. By this I mean when a weaver takes a piece of cloth off the loom and washes it for the first time, a process called "wet-finishing", they can control the degree of felting, thus producing varied fluffiness/cushion-y-ness. In fact, I used to enjoy weaving a few pieces with the same yarn combination, then washing them differently to give them a variety of textures. 

Now that you know the secret, I must to tell you this piece, with the combination of old-fashioned wool in the warp and possum/merino/silk in the weft, has an unbelievably sort, airy texture in nostalgic colors, warp and weft melting together become a proper cloth.

A word of caution: possum hair sheds. This piece is not suitable to those allergic to pets.

Wool warp, possum/merino/silk weft. 48cm * 186cm + short fringes. NZ$240 + p/p.
12. Snow Day - Medium Scarf/Wrap
It doesn't snow in Nelson, though we see it every winter on the surrounding hills. I miss the sound my boots made when I walked on fresh snow on my way to school, (and there, it only snows on warm days,) and the lovely smell of logs burning in the late afternoon.  
Wool warp, Merino bouclé weft. 47cm * 188cm, hemmed. NZ$220 + p/p.
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