Special Topics

I ponder life and weaving rather noisily while enjoying the company of others who likewise make cloth in this blog. I also maintain a sporadically unravelling blog in Japanese.

Occasional tags I associate with some posts can be seen on the right. Below are a few special topics I chronicled, pondered, or waxed lyrical.   

"Beginnings" Exhibition 2012
I took part part in a group exhibition in October 2012 in Nelson. As you'd expect, I chronicled the trials and tribulations in my blog. 

Why I Weave Cloth
I'm asked this from time to time. This is my answer as of mid-2012.

Randall Darwall Workshop 2006
Legendary weaver Randall Darwall led a week-long workshop in Paraparaumu, New Zealand, in October as part of Aotearoa Textile Forum 2006. It was a magical experience to be in the presence of a man, (actually two men, partner Brian Murphy being a formidable part), who so inspire/s weavers and collectors the world over. I tried to recap the essence of the workshop, with two follow up posts a year on.  There is never a time when a workshop, this one or any other, stops to influence me, and Randy and other tutors make repeat appearances from time to time, in my blog.

Exhibit(ion) 2007: Sea, Sand and Sky
I chronicled the adventures and misadventures of a middle-aged art novice attempting to put on a solo mini exhibit(ion) in January/February 2007, starting from calling it an exhibition rather than an exhibit as it is done in New Zealand. Some of it was serious, some hilarious, but every little bit was invaluable in learning the business of art making and showing. 

We weavers are too often asked the one question: "How long does it take for you to make a (insert-item) like this?" In this series of posts, I tried to chronicle how I made the first two shawls in late 2006 from one warp in preparation for my first Exhibit(ion) in 2007.  Some processes have changed, some have been modified, but this is how I did it back then.