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1. "Red" - an extra-long cashmere wrap
A dear friend commissioned me to weave a red piece. I loved her piece so much I wanted to weave a similar-but-not-the-same piece. Although I am familiar with this yarn combination, I couldn't believe how light and airy this piece turned out. I checked my records again and again to see if I had done anything out of the ordinary. Sometimes pieces have their own minds.
Note: This piece has a few treadling, or horizontal, irregularities, which show up as elongated lozenges.

Cashmere warp, NZ possum/merino/silk weft, 51cm*226cm plus short fringes
$360 plus postage/handling

2. "Pillar" - an oversized cashmere scarf
I wanted to weave more personal pieces based on Pillars" from 2012, but in more saturated, personal colors. This is the lucky last, and is super soft and super light.
Italian cashmere/silk/merino warp, cashmere weft, 41cm*139cm, hemmed, a short piece
NZ$240 plus postage/handling

3. "Shoal" - an oversized scarf Withdrawn
Tahunaui Beach and Rabbit Island are constant sources of design ideas; I particularly like marks and tiny gifts left on the sand. Some of the NZ wool in the warp were hand-dyed and handspun by my mother. This is a surprisingly light-weight piece.
NZ wool including merino for the warp, cashmere bouclé weft, 39cm*168cm plus chunky fringes
NZ$120 plus postage/handling

Series: Scale on Wool 
The warp yarn used in this series is old-style with the scale left on the fiber. It's the wool our mothers and grandmothers lovingly washed by hand, not the modern superwash stuff. These yarns give a cushy, slightly moist feel to the cloth. Some of the warp yarns were dyed by me using Blenheim walnut shells. Pieces 4, 5, and 6 are from this series. I wish you could feel these old-fashioned cloth over the Internet.

4. "Snow Day" - a wool neck/shoulder warmer, (that's between a scarf and a wrap)
This is a thick, chunky piece, perfect for watching and listening to snow fall, or if you live in Nelson and don't get snow, reminisce about those still evenings in  Minneapolis. The bouclé loops look like snow flakes resting on the fabric.
Old style wool warp, NZ merino bouclé weft, 47cm*188cm, hemmed
NZ$220 plus postage/handling

5. "Yesterday" -  a softest oversized scarf
This is an unbelievably soft, feather-light piece. I really wished you could touch this one over the Internet.
Old style wool warp, NZ possum/merino/silk weft, 48cm*186cm plus fringes
$220 plus postage/handling

6. "First Choice" - a nostalgic wool neck/shoulder warmer, (that's between a scarf and a wrap) SOLD
If I could sew, I would love a tube skirt in this black, gray and taupe fabric, to wear with an ivory silk blouse and round-toed, low-heeled black leather pumps.
Old style wool, 50cm*184cm, hemmed
$220 plus postage/handling

Series: Outside
Where soft texture is concerned, I am spoiled by merino and cashmere. Equally, I'm besotted by old, honest wool. Though this wool warp is scratchier than merino or cashmere, possum/merino/silk in the weft produces textures and thickness suitable for brisk outside temperatures. Pieces numbered 7 and 8 are from this series.

7. "My Dear, We're Still Goodbying" - a possum/merino/silk wrap
This line from Bing Crosby's "Let It Snow", unfailingly brings back memories of friends in Minneapolis after a lovely evening. Guests were bedecked in every warm pieces of clothing known to humankind circa 1970's, while those who belong to the house shivered in sweaters and sometimes socked feet, unwilling to let the guests go. You need this on those occasions.
NZ wool warp, NZ possum/merino/silk weft, 54cm*168cm plus fringes with unclipped ends
$250 plus postage/handling

8. "Green Apple" - possum/merino/silk wrap
We have a Granny Smith tree outside our living room window; I eat green apples only from this tree.
NZ wool warp, NZ possum/merino/silk weft, 53cm*186cm plus knots and unclipped tassels
$250 plus postage/handling

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