Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Gift from the Loom

I forgot I was confined to weave in 15-minute increments, so I went all guns blazing yesterday, but admit, I haven't had so much fun on the loom in a heck of a long time! And I think I'm not hurting anywhere today. 

I'll copy what I wrote on Flicker this morning:

"I love weaving warp ends; they allow me to get a little adventurous because it doesn't matter if they don't work exactly to plan.  I see warp end pieces as gifts from the loom to me, almost as if I have nothing to do with them.

"Yesterday I got about 60cm-long by 15cm-wide piece at the end of a series of three cashmere scarves.  I thought I could get enough for a collar or two cuffs, and to make it soft yet meaty, I doubled up my weft - outrageous extravagance considering the cost of these yarns, but, boy, oh, boy, it was so worth it. The swatch feels wonderful and since I never weave anything for myself except warp ends, I think I can live with this.   Now I want a gray fleece vest so I can put this collar on!

"Today I was going to post a picture of a scarf with heart motifs I wove for my mother on this warp, but I haven't had this much fun on the loom in a  while so I decided to go with my ... swatch instead."
First of all, the draft took about 15 minutes to make, not 15 hours.
As with many things I weave, I end up liking the B-side better than A, though with this swatch, I'll take either side quite happily.  
Because I liked the heft in Mom's scarf, I doubled the warp also to get the fabric-y feel, but this weft is the same size as the warp and slightly thicker than Mom's, so the swatch really feels like... fabric.

I was so pleased with myself and in a rush to wash this I forgot to mend; as it was the end of the warp there were problems with the shed and I found a few mistakes while I washed. But it's OK, I can live with it; while I sear this swatch in the collar, I won't be able to see the skips!

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