Monday, April 27, 2009


I read that art/craft blogs should be eye-candies as well ad interesting/informative because a large part of the audience are also art/craft people who tend to be visual. So you don't have to be as near blind as I am to go all over the Internet just to gaze at other people's pics, I take it.

Anyway, the cotton scarves have been fairly photogenic and I've got a few good ones I can use in things like business and greeting cards if I so choose, but I've got too much of the ugly old carpet in some pics, too.

The worst part is, I knew I'd regret it, that I should have had something else under the scarves, but I didn't want to interrupt the flow. Live and learn, though I don't know how long I have to live to learn everything I need to learn...


  1. "The end end of this scarf"??? Oh, bother!

  2. Photoshop is your friend.....crop or blur that rug and you're fine!!

    The scarves are beautiful!!


  3. Meg go get yourself a couple of yards of black velvet. Deep dark black as a back drop to set off your lovely art. Please do this before the swine flu takes Nelson. ;)

    ps my capta is "abilist". perfect!

  4. Gorgeous, Meg, in every way!

  5. Sue, yes it is, but I try to get as good shots as I can au naturel.

    Lynne, velvet? Really? I must try that. I would have thought it'd be too shiny, but interesting!

    Thanks, Connie. Did you like my blue string? I must have seen it while shooting, and though I'd just crop or blend it out. I should know better by now.

  6. Gorgeous photos. Ditto for Photoshop (or Paint Shop Pro)

  7. They are rely photogenic. And I like the 'diamonds and stripes'.

    And yes, sometimes it is easier to just look at photos, but then you don't get to know the writer. Right?

  8. I am a very visual person so the more photos the better - I sometimes think I should exercise more the written word but then I feel that images convey all that I want to express.
    Your photos tell me a lot! Even tiny little details like the carpet and the ends!
    Thank you for sharing!

  9. Peg, I'm amazed, when I think of it, what a white sheet of paper can do to lighting... I'm thinking of getting a nice clean big paper cards in white, black and maybe orange, (not sure if the last will do anything, but interesting to try?)

    Desiree, yes, exactly. I've always loved reading biographies of artists, even those whose work I didn't know much about, and I find it's the same with blogs; I'm definitely interested in the weavers and artists and their lives, and their work start to have meanings for me.

    Doni, if I was able to take photos like yours, I'm not sure if I'd need to write, but yes, what I said above works for me. Thanks re. the carpet and the ends!

  10. The best pictures are the ones that show what you feel about the piece. These pictures are good, and inspiring

  11. Oh, thanks, Susan. Do these show you the mixed, detached feeling I have?


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