Thursday, June 24, 2010


I haven't been in a reading mode, so I haven't read anything on gardening or vegetable growing as I had intended, but weeding, and thinking, in a very unthinking kind of a way. I'll tell you more about it when I discover what it is I'm thinking. It has to do with perfectionism, living life easily, and half-full/half-empty attitudes.

* * * * *

There have been some interesting blog posts, which have been left open on my browser for a while, but I can't seem to read words. You know how it is with me; I'm a sucker for photos but you'd have to tie me to my chair to make me read text, on screen. I'm sure I'll get around to reading them some time.

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And just when you thought I might go to the dark side, there is Life is Good, on t'katch again.

I finished my fifth, last, class in the pattern making workshop Stage 1: Theory tonight. Everybody was asking everybody else who's coming back for Stage 2: Skirts. I blurted out to this tall young woman that I have body size issues and thought I was terribly interested, I couldn't commit. She rapidly asked a series of questions, helping me asses the pros and cons, and the last questions did it for me: "Do you like sewing? Do you like wearing things you've made?" And the answers were resounding yeses. So I signed up.

It turns out she is a psychologist that works at our local hospital. I kid you not; I couldn't make up a story if I tired. But it was so quick and painless, and though I will still cringe when it comes to measuring time, (and I will sit far, far away from the cute, svelte teenagers,) I'll learn more interesting things.

I might have three or four weeks to reduce my stomach size a bit before the skirt class, though.


  1. Gosh Meg, if I'd realised you weren't reading I'd have put a picture on my latest blog post! Don't worry, we have so much reading to do - I'd love to have time to sit and read all the posts that interest me. You'll get round to them in time.

  2. Carol, I don't like reading letters on the screen - even though I have them set pretty BIG. So I decide by the photo, most times, if I want to read on or not. Or other friends' recommendations. Or, I keep those pages wide open on Firefox and then finally return to them sometimes. If they are very long, I print them out because that's easier to read.


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