Sweet & Sour September: Sunday that Was

I've been exasperated by my wonky ironing board, particularly since Ben tripped over a 2/20 thread and fell on the board, bending the pointed end leg almost a year ago. We went hunting for a more solid one, and found this on sale. So with the money we saved, (there's got to be a whole discipline in psychology as to what makes us feel we saved money, don't you think?) I got a new Sunbeam iron. Now I can retire my retarded Phillips, which I disliked from the day I bought it but couldn't be bothered to return because I was overwhelmed by the number of alternatives.

Spending money I don't have, perhaps, but these are important tools of the trade, I realized. The old one still works, so I might give it to Nelson's refugee support group.

Ladies and Gentlemen, my woad seeds have gone into two pots. I reread the instructions and it appears I need to cover the soil above the seeds with organic matter, but we have plenty of compost, so I shall dig deep into our heap later today.


Saturday Daydreaming: Sweet & Sour September

It's been a strange and exhausting month for me, this September, and I'd like it to end soon and on a high note, but I'll tell you more about it as I write down what's been happening. Meanwhile, some serious loving in March/April has paid off and I have these particularly fat and juicy babies in a vase this morning. I hope your weekend is going well.


Clare Plug

I've got loads to tell you but not just now as I'm halfway out the door. I just wanted to call your attention to this post about Clare Plug!


Thank you for your concern

Thank you, to everybody who contacted me about the earthquake in Christchurch. We are sufficiently removed from the quake center that we did not even know about it until my parents rang from Japan this morning. From reports on the radio, it appears some buildings and roads were damaged, electricity and therefore communication iffy, but there seems to be, thus far, not a lot of injuries.

Nelson is just a little windy, proof spring is upon us, and there is a fresh dump of snow on the hills, but otherwise is experiencing a crisp sunny morning.

Thank you, again, for your concern.

[EDIT] Tapestry artist Marilyn Rea-Menzies writes: "Thank you people. We are fine. My old house weathers this sort of stuff very well. Not sure how the studio is. Haven't talked to Anne (Field)yet as I'm not sure if her power is on or not.

"I was in the Inangahua earthquake years ago, 1968 I think, and this quake is quite similar. It started out quite light and slowly built up into a full blow heavy shake. I stood under a door and was lucky that none of my bookshelves fell over, only a few knick knacks fell and got broken, so not so bad. The water and sewerage in the city might be a problem for a while."

[EDIT] Sonya, of Insanity Looms, writes she has some clean up to do, but did not suffer serious damages, and the looms are standing pretty.