Autumnal sun, apple leaves, workshop door with mini-pillar. Yesterday afternoon.
And this came off the loom; the weft is a silvery/bluey pink. 
This draft is similar to but different from the previous. For the last piece from the same warp, I want to make a very different-looking draft using the same threading.

* * * * *

I have verbose days and quiet days, (I do have them I assure you,) and today is the latter. It happens quite often after making myself physically tired with weeding, which I've been doing rather conscientiously this week. Although it's dismaying how slow the progress is, how some days I can't tell what I've done in three and a half hours, and I'm not making our place any easier to care at the moment, other than cramming, (errr, mass-planting,) in some areas.

Tuesday night, my fav seed company's eNewsLetter said we need to think of autumn as another spring. Usually this time of year I'm just holding my breath for everything to die down so I can clean the place later in the season, but in Nelson, usually not a lot dies down. This year, I'm passed being disgruntled and am simply in awe of how much growing there still is in autumn in Nelson, and how much flowering annuals are still being sold, and I realized how much it makes sense. It's still a couple of months away from "winter" and lots of sun to enjoy. Though it continues to be so dry and if/where I plant, I must water conscientiously.

There's a b bit going on to distract me from my course, but that's for another day. I'm 56 today; I gave up aging gracefully about a fortnight ago and decided to stay a belligerent middle-aged woman who carries a backpack rather than lovely purses when in town, kicking and screaming into my older age. 


I Forgot...

Really. I've been preoccupied and totally forgot until I saw Laura's FB profile this morning, April 2. So belatedly, for me, but not for everybody, April Spools Day. (Leave a link in the comment if you have spools shots, say until the end of April 2 your time?)







And I wove yesterday with these.