Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Sukita Project

Having asked you about your dream textile holiday, I've been thinking about mine. As you can imagine, combine my travel lust with textile love, I've a really long mental list. But I was embarrassed to be reminded of an item that's been there a while, costs next to nothing to execute, and the only thing stopping me is myself.

It's visiting the Kayan weavers in Nelson. The women have been on my mind because I was asked about a good fine cotton supplier, indirectly, by the project coordinator and Andrea a while back, I recommended DEA of course, and was recently thanked several times, indirectly, by the coordinator and Andrea.  Andrea told me the cotton scarves have started arriving at the Suter, so I went to have a look, and they look and feel so much nicer than the former, rayon I think, series.  There are more colorways and the colors look more deeply saturated.  And they are very affordable I almost bought one, but I couldn't decide which color I wanted. (I love the purple ones, but there is a lovely burnt-orange-and-olive-gold one.)

I now have the email of the coordinator, though I don't think I've ever met her.  I've been soliciting my friends to come with me and hold me emotional hand just in case I react badly to the neck braces.  But I think I will go visit them sometime really soon.

EDIT: I had an inquiry so I contacted the coordinator of Sukita Project.  At this point the Sukita Scarves are sold only at The Suter Gallery and Reflections Gallery at WOW Museum, both in Nelson, New Zealand.  If you are seriously hoping to add one to your collection of ethnic- or good-cause textiles, at this point yours truly is going to have to go and pick one up on your behalf, or Andrea at the Suter can assist you. Contact me, or Andrea.


  1. Those are gorgeous scarves, Meg. It's good to support these women. Their prices, though, must be difficult for you to digest what with trying to sell your work at a price that supports what you've put into a weaving. But then again, welcome to the real world!

  2. Yup. Though being so slow, I can never cost in my labour (hours) into my prices. I was joking with a jewelry maker that all mine would costs thousands of dollars! Ha ha.. And I'm happy to say, they are selling quite well.

    I take 100% credit for these scarves' new, much lovelier hand.

  3. Beautiful scarves, Meg, wonderful colours and very inexpensive. I've been away again so have hundreds of posts to catch up. Not to mention needing to blog myself but I think I'm suffering from blogger's blight - not a thought I want to put into words. xx

  4. Or, Carol, you can just ignore all of them and pick up where people are right now.

  5. Beautiful colours Meg and the weaves look beautiful too. All your posts are inspiring!


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