Saturday, April 2, 2011

Next, and Next, and Next...

This is a truly bad picture of a elegant, lovely color combination.  I've been looking at these two cones together for months. The top cone is a mid blue-gray-brown, somewhat masculine, reasonably warm, but not old-looking.  The bottom is lighter, more a brown-gray, refined, but not cold. 

The reason why I haven't done anything with them is because the top is 48/1 wool and bottom 60/2 merchandised cotton, so there is no quick sampling with this combo, but I could so visualize a 60-75cm wide pieces in these, oh, and the contrast in the sheen and color would make the weave structure so visible...

* * * * *

The big loom's Shaft 2 problem was fixed this afternoon.  But once again it scares me this setup is not forever, not even, possibly, for mid-to-long term.
This is the inside of the box above/in front of my head.  Each of these tiny white sticks pushes up when told to by the computer program, making the appropriate shaft lift.  You could say this is where electronic message is translated into a physical movement. Ben couldn't find the real cause of my problem this time, but he applied silicone spray on several points to entice all mechanism that leads to Shaft 2 lifting to, ummm, lift smoothly, and Shaft 2 reluctantly returned to work. The culprit is marked so we can frown at it in unison.  If a tiny gadget/box under each wee stick breaks down, we're not sure if we can replace it, or if Ben, or someone, would have to rebuild the entire box.

With a dense, wide warp, it was even harder to get at the problem, but Might Hubby came to the rescue of this danned-sel once again.  I didn't want silicone on a baby blanket, so we were very careful.

* * * * *

Mama told me she wants a scarf of hearts.  "Sure," I said, "but I don't have any red cashmeres."  I almost ordered some, but, no, I want to think about the colors so I come up with a more elegant solution.

* * * * * 

I decided to revamp my website.  That is, get rid of it and transfer everything over here so at once this is a blog, with all the standard information included.   I'll try to do this as smoothly as I can, but while the roadwork continues, please mind the gaps.


  1. Meg: I agree. That is a gorgeous color combo. (The color of the top cone is close to the color of the exterior of my house, in fact. I've enjoyed it--and never tired of it--for almost 20 years. When I built my home--one of the first in my development...and used this color on the exterior--several other homeowners decided they liked it as well...and used the same or a similar color.)

    You'll have to post and let us know if you end up using this thread...or at least the color combo. BTW: I think the rich red would be a great contrast. Or, maybe a deep blue...or both? I'm not sure, as my artistic "mind's eye" is still being developed...and very much in it's infancy.

  2. The thing with colors, Angela is.... Well, what I found out in the last 10-15 years is... "studying" about colors enables me to explain why a certain combination/proportion/textural variation works, using jargon. I can talk my way out of using strange combinations I don't like. I can analyze other people's lovely combos using, again, jargon. But in my case, learning the theory hasn't changed my preferences; I still like blues and purples and most definitely analogous combinations. The only thing that's changed in my use of colors, that is, when I make things, is if I do find something a bit dull, I know what to add to give it a little umph. IN terms of buying things, my color choices are pretty much the same.

    Personally, where I've lived, what's around me, (trees? stone buildings? bright paints and tiles?), and crucially the sun, made more impact on color preferences. Subtle tones and shades as far away from primaries as you can imagine suits Japan's misty cloudy air. Where as here in Nelson, and with our west-facing living room windows, I don't dislike orange any more; in fact, I love it, and with it, orange reds, yellows, and just maybe sometimes, even pink!


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