Another Mini Exhibition

The Weavers are back again. Today, even Mom. She has 10cm to go on her leftover red cushion covers.   
A gentle, narrow wool scarf by Mrs Y.
Knotted wall-hanging by Mrs T.
Plain Weave wooly scarf of many colors by Mrs T.
Crispe cotton piece by Mrs. T; it was very nicely woven with just one lifting mistake. Sorry, I was taken by the colors I didn't notice I had that one mistake in the middle of the pic.
Everybody's fav from 2012: Mrs E's deliciously plump wool scarf. I couldn't capture it in my attempts to photograph these, but the variegated weft created not stripes but lovely areas of colors all over the piece.   
Unlike during my last visit, everybody is keen to learn more structures and weave patterns. While two-shafts sit quietly in the closet, all the shaft looms are in high demand. So, only the Rigid Heddle left for me, again, this trip. But this time Mom keeps me busy making up drafts and coming up with warp color plans, so perhaps there is no time left for weaving.

My To Do list has five weaving-related items at the moment.


  1. onesmallstitch3/01/2013 9:21 AM

    so nice to see a busy studio and the weavings are lovely. a compliment to your Mom (and you?) that the weavers are advancing in weaving skills.

  2. I'm loving this journal of you in Japan. please continue!

  3. You must hold tight and wait for your turn to visit Japan, yes, Kaz?


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