Saturday, March 23, 2013

Day 47/51

Hey, it's worth complaining on the blog! On Wednesday after I posted, for the first time ever, Mom and I wove together, in the afternoon, in the same room but on different looms, on separate projects but both weaving 3/3/1/1 twills on network.
This is Mom taking a break and saying hi to y'all!
While Dad did what he does every day.
That evening we had to have a very humble almost-vegetarian supper because we overdid breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea, which may have included... cake! I think we had tofu and possibly some fish besides the veggies, but just a wee bit.
Cherry blossoms all over this weekend, which is a tie for the earliest on record, apparently. This tree is just down the hill from the house, about 75% open. Tomorrow is supposed to be the best flower day this year, but we're expecting rain also. 

My water-based piece is finished and is drying upstairs. Nothing to write home about; most disappointed about the weird tension problem I can't excuse just because I used an unfamiliar "soft" loom. Boo hoo.

Mom got a tiny picture of a lovely diamond-shaped twill for which she would like me to figure out the draft! I don't think it's overly complicated, but the old mind is not working. Besides, the spring high school baseball tournament started yesterday and I am distracted from 8.30AM to around 6PM shouting, screaming and cheering. There are a few good exhibition happening in Tokyo, two of which I have wanted to catch before I leave, but still much to do around the house and with the baseball going on, I'm not sure if I'll make it.

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