Tuesday, August 11, 2015

I don't Do Tapestries

But it's no use telling that to a septuagenarian client or an octogenarian mom. They kept waiting for "The Tapestry" commissioned when I was in Japan two years ago, to the month. So here's the wall piece.
It is 43cm wide and 109cm long plus casings on top and bottom. It took such a long time to thread, but weaving was fast. I'm going to get dowels or slats before I make the casings, trim and press again.

The warp is alternate 2/20 and 2/60 cottons, 17 colors, AbAb-bCbC-CdCd-dEdE and so forth. 80EPI. The weft is slippery, shiny silk, slightly skinnier than 2/20 cottons, in pale pink, dark peach, and screamy orange, with very little twists. The close sett and the thread combination made the hand stiffer than what I'd like in a scarf, which is perfect for a wall thing.
Backlit, it's not as hole-y/lacy as I wanted because the 2/20 cottons fulled very well. Instead it created deep texture, the bumps.
Under artificial light, the wefts shine.

The overall looks is fussy and delicate, which is good for a small Japanese house or apartment, but it makes the piece boring for my place as there is no big visual interest visible from a distance.

I have enough warp left for two scarves. I toyed with the idea of making another wall piece, but maybe not. I don't know. It's too... umm... sedate for Nelson.


  1. Love it, love the colour, love the texture.
    I'm using slats on a wall piece I've just done as I like it to hang flat. Will be interested in what you choose.

  2. I'm at the mercy of the local mega store, more or less. We'll see how it goes.

  3. Love the last picture. Beautiful fabric.

  4. Thank you. I might try photographing it in different light after the casings are made.

  5. Gorgeous piece, love those colors!

  6. Absolutely gorgeous, I love it!!!

  7. Thank you folks. You're just getting in the way of my declaring I find this piece a little.... uninspiring, aren't you. But in Japanese sunlight, it will work. I know this.


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