The Ukraine-Color-ish Kitchen/Tea Towels

The last time I talked about this project was a month ago. Well, the project went well, and quickly for my old-sloth pace; nine pieces were woven, hemmed, washed, etc., by Tuesday afternoon. One, white, piece left home on Monday morning as an emergency Thank You gift, and another, blue, is about to. If you follow MegWeaves on FB, you may be sick of hearing about these; I, on my part, had so much fun posting frequently, which doesn't happen with scarves and such. 
Of particular interest was how the medium pale gray appeared like silver when combined with orange wefts on the loom. It was so beautiful I hyperventilated while weaving these pieces, but of course this being unmercerized cotton and linen, it looks 100% medium pale (dull) gray now. It was interesting to observe nevertheless. I'm used to how yellow mercerized cotton appears metallic when combined with blues and some greens, but not the sudden sheen in gray, in cottolin to boot. 
The construction was rough, even compared to some of my past towels. Or maybe they start to look not so bad after several dozen washes? I was careful, but also dying to get these done and move on. 
To, well, the last of my towel warps, in... all browns! It's a slightly narrower warp than this one, and the color distribution is symmetrical, but number of ends, not. What was I thinking in 2014?! I figured I got the hang of towels now, I might as well use up as much Swedish cottolin as I can and be done with it for the time being. I'm not sure where to buy them in New Zealand any more, and they are super expensive, so if I want to make more towels, I might look for something else. 
And this is all the cottolin I have left, plus two 100% cotton, and leftovers from a few other projects. 
It was a fun stash-busting project, and these are ever so useful. And this was the last piece from the warp, a bit shorter than others, but real stash busting.
I am posting from a new laptop. And with it I've had to learn a simple but new-to-me photo editor. The pics may look a blurry or crooked or weird, and as I learn more, I may swap old pics with a better-edited one. Meanwhile, please mind the gap.

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