It's Just One Thing After Another

You might think I live carelessly, and I don't blame you if you do. I wonder about it myself. 
I damaged my eyeglasses; I went outside and got two night's worth of firewood as I usually do, came inside and opened the wood burner to feed a couple, and the sudden temperature change did something to the layers of the lenses. The world has been blurred for the couple of weeks; it's a little like how movies and music films portray psychedelia, especially from the 60s, if you know what those look like. First time in 50 years of glasses and 26 years in this house and wood burner. I tried some of the old pairs in the meantime, but the blurred new ones (one year old) fits best, and the trusted optometrist said I could keep wearing them, so here I am, popping paracetamols like candy. (Not really, just two a day.) 
I think my eyes and brain are on overdrive trying to cope with this new... psychedelic world. I can do things in the kitchen, but slower, and I have to take breaks to close my eyes often. I try an older pair now and then, but that's probably making things worse. I've tried to read up on tied (unit) weaves, but quickly ran out of patience the first couple of times. I haven't tried sample weaving, but I can't cope with the idea of handling 60/2 cottons. I haven't ventured out to weed yet, but if all I need to settle myself down in one place, look down and pull, I can manage, couldn't I? Pruning trees are out of question, as are tasks I have to look both far and near in quick succession. At the very least, I should get off the computer, but I haven't always managed that.

Life seems just one thing after another. The lenses come from China, and before Covid they took a couple of weeks to arrive, but this last pair didn't arrive and optometrist re-ordered either the lenses or frames from the US, and I had to wait two months. If your eyes are so bad you're legally blind without glasses in some jurisdictions, (yup, that's me,) that's a long time, and I feel entitled to be a little melodramatic. 

At the start of last week, for three days I had pretty bad hay fever symptoms, but it's been cold for a few days and it stopped, for now. I'm feeling terribly difficult to be happy or enthusiastic or not-that-old, folks. Do send me some good thoughts!


  1. I had something similar from the sounds of it. The hot sand box AT the opticians was the culprit. The tech tried to say I must have done it myself, opening the oven or something and I told her I couldn't see - at all, now - I would have noticed if they'd been like that when I walked into the place. Luckily I had my old Rx glasses with me but it took two weeks to get my new Rx again. It was horrible and I'm amazed you can function at all. :( Hugs.

    1. Perhaps mine wasn't as badly damaged? Or I'm so used to not being able to see well I can manage at least around the house? I'm dreading the call from the insurance people who will no doubt blame me and try to squeeze as much excess as possible. But this is why I go sought out Jim - he knew right away what happened, he's done the same standing by a bon fire, and that it was partly the nature of the different material. I sure hope I don't have to wait as long as the last time, though, as I am popping pain meds for headaches and neck/shoulder aches a bit more than usual. (OK, still 2/day. :-D)


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