Purple Warp/Clasped Weft Planning Part I

First the colors and proportions. We are now standing in front of the loom; I still think wider borders might have been more attractive, but I ran out of the navy, so never mind,
Next I considered whether to undulate or not, in the threading, treading, or both, and decided not to in the threading. (I can still undulate in the treadling.) Keeping in mind this is the widest warp in which I am going to clasp wefts so far, with only two weft colors, so I could expect larger areas where nothing will happen re. weft colors compared to past clasped projects.
I considered where to place smaller/fussier shapes and where the bigger shapes, in relation to the main event, the interaction of two weft colors. At this point I still saw the clasping as the focus, superimposed on the patterned background. My main concern was not to distract from the clasping by making the sides too fussy, but providing enough visual interest. I was also mindful that from afar the clasping is visible, while the patterns would need closer inspection. (I consider a kind of a gift for the wearers/owners; I chuckle imagining them noticing something new after wearing the piece awhile.)

I saw both option workable on the computer with only one weft color, but wanted to see in real life before I decided. I was keen to get sampling, and with somewhere around 190 ends, I could easily rethread, so I threaded randomly but somewhat like the left view.

In the sampling, I would be auditioning 1) weft hues/values; 2) attractive weft pairings; and 3) optimal harmony superimposing clasping over patterned background.


Leigh said...

Firstly, I have to say that this looks like a very fun experiment. I like that you use the term "auditioning." Very appropriate!

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Meg said...

Thank you very much for your comments-related info. I set it up the same as yours, except I kept "moderation-always".

Re. the check box, I think it may be because you're the author? Yesterday it kept prompting me to check it even though I was still commenting. :-D

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Leigh said...

You're welcome! And I'm now commenting in your new pop-up box set-up. :)

So far, ignoring the check box has worked on all blogs that have it. Try it next time you're confronted with one. I think it's a glitch in their system.

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Meg said...

That's something I did not know re the embedded comment - which was my former preference. Thank you for the new info, although Google seems to be asking for cookies all over the place these days - even me, on my blogs, when I try to comment or post pics.