Sunday, August 6, 2006

Making of an Exhibit - Part 1: Reconnaissance

Now, I am a rank amateur at this, and I don't know where to begin, so I've been pestering Mr H at Gallery 203 for weeks on end, and when you are in that frame of mind, you see him all over town; as he leaves the building for a meeting... when he is just walking down the street... when he is with his family... (Honestly, I haven't started stalking you, yet, Mr H.)

He gave me the exact dimensions of the two rooms, but I also needed to be able to 'see' the space whenever I wanted, and 'know' it intimately, so he let me photograph the empty gallery between exhibits. The closest I can describe these needs is possibly that of a rally driver inspecting the route and practice-driving (do rally drivers 'practice'?) before the day of the race. I can't imagine anybody driving those treacherous roads at 160kph for the first time on race day, just because a good mate is shouting "left, right, curve" in your ear; I can't imagine driving that fast in any case.
The view of the space as you enter, and the 3630mm (12ft) ceiling from which I would love to hang stuff.

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