Pinch Me!

I didn't have the nerve to go in and see for myself, so I asked Ben to go while I was at the gym. It was a little dark in the Gallery, so the second picture is particularly blurry, but, says my dearest, "Your stuff looked better in the dark."

A staff told Ben a man tried the white and natural striped possum scarf, but worried about loosing it and decided not to buy it. Dear Sir, I say, if you loose it, come back and get another one!


My work is now available at the Red Art Gallery.


StarByte said...

cool! Oh so cool!!!!

I'm sitting here, in my chilly office, cuddled into my blue shawl, drinking coffee and admiring the sun from behind the glass.

Happy spring!!

Meg said...

Yeah, it is. And why is your office cold; it's only September.

StarByte said...

We have absolute faith in air conditioning. And I don't have access to the thermostat.

so it's chilly. :)

jenni said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! That is so very cool!!! I'm thrilled for you!

Meg said...

Thank you, ladies. This was a big goal for me for two years, but now that I've gotten here, it's takeing me a while to regroup and move forward.