Tuesday, November 7, 2006

A Miserable Day

It's raining and gray and cold today, (what Nelsonians call a "miserable" day) which means it's a picture perfect day for being holed up in my studio. I've been blasting Andrea Boccelli all morning, weaving a series of narrow, short scarves in cashmere. The first two were in simple dornick in one color warp, one color weft, but with the third, I'm Randying and also changing the direction of the twill. And boy, is it slow. I don't think I'll be able to finish weaving 180cm in two days. Randying also requires/allows me to fiddle with the selvedge and feel the cloth more as I weave, not exactly a wise thing to do to maintain even tension, but for as a tactile experience, it's hard to beat.

That is not to say that I have not started to panic, officially, about not really being in a panic. My Excel worksheet tells me I have 83 days before the opening of my mini solo exhibit, and all I have done has been to stare at the cones of blue merino yarns (conveniently placed in front of some of my favorite non-weaving equipment) and thinking vaguely about Fibonacci sequence.

Wisdom does not come with age automatically.


  1. I wonder if arists ever imagine where there songs are being listened to. Andrea Boccelli reminds me of a car trip with my kids (four of them) form Washington,DC to Jekyll Island, Georgia (12 hours trip, one way). We played the CD for hours because it was the only one all of us could live with. ;-)
    Your bookbinding experience sounds lovely. I'm still on store bought Moleskines.

  2. Merisi, many writers have an audience in mind - or at least they tell you to have one when you write - but I never thought about song-writers. I spotted your moleskins, (and salivated at your bookshop pics) and though I love them, too, I'm more of a marbled-paper person, and now I've got instructions to (OHMIGOD, I can't find it just now) rust/bronze papers, which was what the tutor had done to my bronzy sheets. Now that weaving is no longer just a hobby, I'm glad I found a new hobby! Thanks for stopping by.


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