Lloyd Harwood Again

And while we're at it, here's Lloyd Harwood at his Arts Council office again. I already posted a photo of him, but you see, Lloyd is a wonderfully smiley man, and to me, this is the face I adore; plus, that Nightingale green mug (that's what we call that color in Japan) is semi-permanently attached to his right hand while he's in the office, so a photo without it didn't do justice.

I haven't seen him since the last day of my Exhibit(ion) but I'm holding off visiting him because I am weak and I fear I might sign up for another one too soon.


  1. Such a beautiful portrait of a smiling human being!
    Don't be afraid, go there, tomorrow it might be too late,

  2. Isn't he, just, Merisi? He's always like that. I might actually go see him on Friday after gym. I really miss his gentle way of talking (and I'm going to pick his brain about value vs. intensity.)


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