Jay's Morning Room

This is Jay Farnsworth of Red Art Gallery, my Fairy Godmother, preparing for a painting show opening night starting in 90 minutes, in the tiny kitchen of "The Morning Room" tea room, (working title), in the corner of her gallery.

There have been a fair few galleries I liked in my life, but never as much as this one, and Jay is the first gallery owner I've gotten to know. While I was a student, I loved reading biographies of artists and writers, and was fascinated by their relationship with their agents and publishers. Fascinated, but never really understood, until I got to know Jay. She seems to know what I'm trying to say before I know what I'm thinking; she's sympathetic and empathetic, and has a great sense of humor. And she's a perfectionist and self-confessed control freak. What's not to love!!

I had to go in this morning to swap a sample yarn pack on one cashmere scarf: neither of us noticed that for the last month and a half, a lime-green scarf had yarn samples of brick-red yarns stuck on it.

(JB, Jay was aiming for mid/late March, but the Council told her the lino flooring needs to be installed by someone licensed to install linos in commercial buildings, so there's a five-week wait, but she's still negotiating the timing.)


jb said...

"The Morning Room"?

She should call it

"fiRED up" or "RoastED" or something like that.

And tell Jay I've got copyright on "REDtrospective"

But she can use it for free...

Meg said...

Just now I thought I'm disappointed there's not going to be a couch, but the space probably won't allow it... We were talking what magazines she might have, too, so she'd love to hear your suggestions, I'm sure.

I wonder if she'll have the Dom Post - that's usually my deal breaker, but in Jay's case, I'll go there even without it.

jb said...

"inspiRED" would be a good one, too.

Not sure about the mags. Some heavy duty overseas art ones would be good. I mean, everyone's got Cuisine/NZHG/Metro/N&S.
How about some architectural ones on loan from Arthouse, which is right above the cafe?

Meg said...

It's not going to be like Diagnostics Lab or a dentist's office, JB, so probably (but it's of course up to her) not the four you mentioned, but architectural ones sound good. I'm personally thinking "Wooden Boats", too - just a few issues - that's one beautiful magazine. As well as Ornament (US) and Craft Arts International (Oz, I think.) I wouldn't mind Dish personally, but that's probably not Red.

Merisi said...

I love the story of the incidence with the brick-red yarn. Who knows how many peoples are still guessing about the reason for it? Probaly didn't dare to enquire about the "Why?". ;-)
I'd love to have a kitchen with such a wide counter, I see myself serving tea to friends while cooking and chatting.

Meg said...

Oh, Merisi, I never thought of that! People who handled it might have noticed!! How embarrassing for me, and how puzzling for them! This is kind of fun.

Dianne said...

While standing in the supermarket queue or doctors waiting room look on page 90 of March issue of NZ House and Garden - some rather nice mohair blankets from an artist who actually lives at Waihi Beach.

Meg said...

I saw that photo! I recognized the beach. But I was in a rush - I hadn't even realized it had anything to do with textiles. I just recognized the pa at the end of the beach. Must try again on this week's grocery trip!