Friday, October 12, 2007


I mentioned before that I was the only child until I was six-and-a-half, and so I play alone well. And because I am easily distracted/confused even when I'm alone, I prefer to work solo, and I love the cocoon that is my basement studio. So collaboration is not my forte.

As far as the "creative process" goes, this latest project was hardly "collaborative", and yet, there was a lot I left to Andy, his experience and judgment, and to chance. In some respects, I felt less anxious as I only needed to concentrate on weaving a good piece, though I did worry if it'd meet his expectations, or if it fitted in the context.

As it turns out, if I would have woven another meter, the piece would have hung just as Andy envisioned, but I know he'll do me justice. Needless to say, that's Andy in the red, and friend/assistant on the ladder.

I had to submit the final evaluation for the Re:fine this morning, and I discovered I feel a little more at east about leaving certain things to the others' aesthetics. There is excitement in not knowing exactly how it is going to be finally presented, which entails not quite as much anxiety as I had anticipated.

I'm enjoying taking part in exhibitions with other art forms and other aesthetics, and how my old-fashioned stuff (both the craft itself, and my non-adventurous taste) stack up. I'm enjoying seeing my stuff amongst younger people's work.

PS: In response to my wish to have schools or kindies interested in buying the latest, ergo the affordable price, Andy said: "Yeah, but they prefer to display the kids' work." Touché; didn't think of that. Darn.

PPS: there is yet another, new art place in Nelson being started by a much-loved theater guy Grae Burton, and they want to open a 2D & 3D exhibition soon. The meeting to explain all is tonight, but sanity seems to be prevailing at last; I still might go to give support, but I'm telling myself not to sign up.

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