Yay, Megg!

Megg Hewlett and her felted bags are going to Culverden Christmas Fête, and she kindly offered to take a few of my scarves. I had never heard of this event, but apparently it's beautiful and fancy, and hard to get a stall in, so well done Megg, and thank you!

I wanted to make mine a self-contained package to make things easy for Megg, so I bought a small papier-mâché hat box, covered it with soft yellow paper; it looks pretty OK on the sides, but hidious on the top and bottom. I scrunched some yellow and white tissues, (I used both because the yellow alone looked so harsh), but the tissues just looked wrinkled.

I can't believe I spent all day making this package, and for all the effort it looked terribly below-average, but it's easy to transport, and I trust Megg will fluff things up and make it more attractive. I have her extra tissues, too.

And beyond, you can see I've been shopping; I have a legitimate reason for needing more yarns, but more on that in a few days.

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