Working, Working

Rain, sun, rain, sun, it's been a crazy couple of days. At one point, I had rain on one side of my house, but not on the other, which makes my house sound huge, but it's not. And the ground is soggy, spongy in some places. So I stayed inside working on the design study; I'm behind my own schedule for the year, but I did finish a chapter. For the time being; I may revisit some exercises later.

Because of the weird weather, I kept modifying the lighting but it was no good so these photos are heavily edited
"Framing" makes a piece of work tidy and handy, but sometimes loosing the outside bits take away movement or excitement or the feeling of modern/contemporary. 
See what I mean?
I like this, though it looks like Special K packaging.
Often ones I don't like look good in multiple orientations and even appear to have a hidden story.
I don't like this one, but it's very interesting.
While ones I like, I tend to rush into deciding the "right way up" and don't find any stories.
We did these tiles in Clare Plug's class, too. I like these.
Sunset yesterday; steady rain, glittery sun, dirty window.


  1. Gorgeous sunset. I do like those designs!

  2. They are fun to make, but I'm starting to see my tendencies towards certain patterns in the first instance. I have to keep working for a while to make patterns that are different or surprising to me.


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