Second Pop-Up: Caressable Cashmeres

My second Pop Up sale is up, and oh, it was a lot of work, as those of you who have online shops must know. There's the decisions, like price and P/P, the photography, the write up, and the whole flow! I've always prided on being a competent project manager although I prefer to be a solider in charge of a small part, but when it comes to pop up shops, I fail bigly. And mostly knowingly.

After the last one 16 months ago, Ben and I had a big debrief plus I got valuable input from Cally and Doni. And although the calendars tell me I had 16 months to think about and work on them, I took up only some of the pointers, partly because of limitations, (e.g. my house as a backdrop, yikes, and photographic skills;) my preferences, (one long post rather than photo/click to sub-pages, although this may change in the future;) or because it felt like too much work. I've done some tasks back-to-front, the most important being, because I managed to have more or less similar size/weight for seven of the nine pieces, learning the approximate P/P ahead of going public.

So it is with a slightly mixed feeling, but do please have a look, and let me know what you think of it, the setup, the pics, the blurbs, the flow; if you have opinions, (the stronger the better,) on how to improve, or just feedback, please let me know.

Thank you.


  1. I'm impressed. The colours are beautiful just.

    1. Thanks, Alphie. Glad you think so! :-D


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