Oh, My, We Have Progress

I finished weaving the commission Wednesday night. I had the feeling there wasn't enough warp left for another proper, longish piece, but I was sure I could get a short scarf or a cowl/snood. I wanted to weave with the yellow-green weft I had in mind earlier, but after I got started, I decided to mix it with a brick-orange weft, which also looked interesting in the sample.
Here you can see how the yellow-green interacts with the warp colors.
I finished the warp tonight. Although just off the loom and unfinished/unwashed, all three have a lovely weight and hand, and I know they will finish airy and soft. So far so good.

As you can see, because the purple hue is close to the warp colors, the warp stripes are more visible, while the pink and yellow-green/brick-orange blends (?) all the colors.
While weaving the purple commission piece, I was reminded of a time when New Zealand was mad about paua (abalone) colors and motifs a while back. I had a small amount of the purple-variegated merino-mohair put away, with which I had made a warp for a small scarf. I'm weaving this next and continue experimenting with color combinations.

For a while now I've been trying to change the looks of my pieces, from fussy twills to something more bold and "interesting", contemporary. I'm still interested, but it's on hold for now because I'm enjoying experimenting with colors interaction. Also, for now, I'd rather be busy weaving instead of (over)thinking and not weaving.

I'm not sure what sort of pattern I'm weaving with this warp, but most likely another fussy twill, perhaps asymmetrical this time.

Notes: 2/30 merino, 48EPI, threaded in pairs; 17.7 inches wide on the loom; pink and purple are 220-230cm long; yellow-green/brick-orange  is 130cm. 


Laura Fry said...

I have taken solace from the tried and true. My brain is akin to porridge and thinking is hard. I'm not even reading much. The solstice is coming and I don't feel like we have even had a proper spring, let alone summer. Oh well...

Meg said...

Don't mention the solstice! I'm in a season I like and it's been a mild, lovely winter so far, and I'm so not ready for the halfway point yet! :-D