Retirement Gift

We interrupt our somewhat regular irregular sporadic ?? broadcast for an emergency commission.

At 6.30AM yesterday a former colleague of mine, (currently Ben's,) emailed an inquiry about a purple shawl for a retirement present due the end of the month. Oh, yes, said I; I could get started immediately. All I had to do was to take out four yellow-green picks of plain weave and replace the floating selvedge. And modify the draft.
The purple weft color is too similar to the warp colors the design disappears, so I gave the draft long floats.
For the yellow-green weft, I was thinking of something like this with lots of interlacement.
This is close to the draft I used for the pink piece; floats and interlacement is between the above two.
Ben also knows the giftee, too. He said this would suit her. Goodie.


Franws said...

Really lovely!

Meg said...

Thank you.