That Warp I'm Trying to Make - I'll Just Call it S&W 2022 Project

I can't see how the next warp should look, so I've done what I could think of on the day, each day, working, hopefully, towards... either learning what I'd like it to be, maybe seeing it. But it's been slow. And in case a bad warp pushes me to faint on a metaphorical chaise longue, (I don't have one,) I've told myself I'm making two warps, so I'll have at least one I hate less.
A week ago Friday, I brought out all the cones from purple to just before yellow in 2/20 mercerized cotton; I thought to make these my default colors/range.
On the weekend, I brought out accent candidates, yellow-greens, (colors I wanted to add,) and blues, (I have a very small selection, but that one blue worked well in the 2010 piece.) 
While looking at the top picture in the last post, I wondered if the success of that warp had to do with values, mainly most of them being similar, so I took out the hues. It turned out I manage well to keep it more or less the same, with a few well-placed and well-proportioned highlights.
On Monday, I decided to take photos of cones, in the bathroom, sitting inside the tub, and turned them black and white. I grouped cones I thought were of similar values for group pics. 
Not only were my guesses disappointing, but I couldn't trusts the camera with anything with red in it, i.e. from purple to orange. Even after Ben set a custom white balance, (he's the one that told me to sit inside the tub because of a window,) the colors on the viewfinder screen were quite different from the colors in real life.
Although the photos on screen came out marginally better, I didn't trust these digital shortcuts, so the next step was to compare the cones with values sheets. This was Tuesday. This was hard on the eyes; I took off my eyeglasses and squinted as hard as I can, but more cones than I expected were hard to determine. I also had some colors that looked rather light on one sheet, and much darker on the other. I thought I'd this over if I thought this information would prove useful, but I couldn't think of how to proceed on Tuesday. 
Gee, can you tell the lights keep changing this week? The photo colors are all over the place.

I had to prioritize life for a couple of days, (ginger wine making took almost all day Wednesday,) then I lost my mojo, so I didn't get back to it for the rest of the week. But I see one way forward; I'm going to do the shade cards again when the weather is stable, and group together cones with similar values. I figured I don't need to know absolute values, but only relative, for this purpose. Then I'll observe these groups and hopefully see my next step.

But not today, it's weeding day here. 

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