Friday, November 4, 2022


I received a phishing/ransomware email this morning demanding $3000 in bit coins in three days or my blog will have something done to it. I've backed up the contents so I can copy it onto a new blog if this happens, but the consensus is, it's just a scam email. We shall see, eh. (I did notify the police and another reliable Internet agency here.)

Meanwhile, I'll hold off posting about the two new warps I finally finished making yesterday for a few days.


  1. I got a phone call on my cell today (hardly anyone has my cell number because it's only on when I'm out of the house and...covid?) Anyway, it was from the UPS very cross robot caller, annoyed with me because my Very Important International Shipment had been out for delivery TWO TIMES and no one would sign for which point I hung up. Because there is no such shipment and I wasn't about to give them any info. But yeah - annoying. Hope everyone is right and it's just phishing. Makes you wonder what they expect from small blogs. I'm certainly not making any money off mine and while I would miss it, if they stole it, not sure I'd bother with another. Fingers crossed it was just a spam scam.

    1. Annoying, aren't they!!! And there is no monetary value in this blog, that's for sure. I have contemplated if-it-dies-it-dies approach, but considering I keep next to no weaving records other than in here, I thought it better to be cautious, just so I can access what I wrote. But blogging, FB, Twitter, (I only read on Twitter, but...) Social media was supposed to be a wonderful, fun, genial thing...

  2. Indeed. And in many ways it has been fun. My blog is a diary of my life in weaving (etc.) since I started it in 2008. I like I can go back and see what I've said previously by doing a search, which means I don't have to write it all out again to answer a question - just provide the link to the post to the person asking the question. But c'est la vie? I'll cross that bridge when I come to it, I guess...

  3. 2000s and 2020s are worlds apart is how I feel these days. I still remember the excitement of connecting through blogs. I started in 2006, while I was late to FB, 2009.


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