Monday, November 21, 2022

Who Made Up "Buy NZ-Made Day" Anyway??

I am an avowed non-believer in national/international XXX days, but first thing this morning I discovered on FB that today is "Buy NZ-Made Day". Who decides these things anyway, and why are there never warnings, maybe a couple of weeks ahead? Still, having yet again missed out on the gift-giving season sales preparing the online shop, even though I've had a couple of inquiries well in advance, I decided to whip up a quick and dirty shop page, shooting only the new pieces and recycling pics and words for the old. 
I picked the more colorful five pieces, three new and two old. Without boring you with the gory details, let me just say: 
1) We had between gray-and-humid to the-sky-is-falling weather, until the second I posted, and now the sun is screaming: "SU-MMMMMMERRRRR!" The photos of the new pieces, the two impossible-to-capture in particular, don't look like the pieces sitting on my kitchen table. So I had to blather on and on about the colors.
2) At some point I lost, yes lost, pictures of at least two rather memorable pieces. Unless my sometimes-too-sensitive screen made me move the folder elsewhere and I can't find it OR I delete THAT folder. 
3) At some point, I deleted past spiels of the older pieces. Or so I thought. Until two seconds after I posted, I found the file. 
4) It took me about six hours to "open shop", from photo shoot, checking the measurements and fiber contents and pricing, always yucky. Although I do like writing spiels. 
5) A squid tube I intended to cook first thing this morning has been thawing in the sink. I didn't even notice it for the most part, but now that the page is up, what... heck... I am speechless.
I have a giant folder of over 400 pics for my store, because a couple of times I took a gazillion samey pictures of a few pieces. I had to wade through all of them them in search of one pic, (wasn't there,) but I was taken aback discover a pieces I purportedly wove but have no recollection of. On the other hand, I saw a few pieces I really liked that left me long time ago, and a few more I liked when I made them but had since forgotten about. I wonder where the kids are how they are doing. 
I wonder if I've become so sloppy with file management, and admin in general, or if it's only when I'm in a rush that I can't find stuff. (It's the former.) Still I got five pieces in my shop, which gives me a huge sense of satisfaction, and before the end of the Buy day, too. And just maybe I'll sell a piece. So, all in all, a great Monday, friends. (Although... all that rain and now all this sun? You know where I'm going... :-D )

For good luck, I'll post a pic of a piece that disappeared from my online shop in record speed.

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