Thursday, December 14, 2006

I Used the Wrong Weft!!

I thought I was weaving with a yellow-green 100% cashmere yarn, and though the cloth took on a blueish color on the loom, I thought it was because of the two grays in the warp. I thought nothing of it while fringing, washing or pressing, though the texture did feel slightly stiffer, and the green weft shone more than expected.

It wasn't until I was fishing through my cashmere box that I noticed this cone was labeled incorrectly, and then realized I used the melon-glacé-colored cashmere-silk mix instead. I like the contrast in the sheen, and the way the silk-mix sits slightly above the cashmere warp to show off the weave structure.

For once, Ben was given a piece not because I had made too many mistakes, but because the overall color is one of his favorites.


  1. what a fabulous example of a mistake gone right!!!

    I loved your post about the holidays, and wish you a wondrous one. Enjoy your family, the new year and the exhibition!
    I've been out of touch, but will be back in the swing again.. eventually ;)

    have a wonderful end of the year!

  2. Thank you, Jenni. I'm not going anywhere soon. Have a wonderful Rabbit & Bear kind of Christmas. Starting today, I'm going to be more like the Rabbit and not the Bear, in outlook, though I will definitely continue to bake, that's for sure!


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