Tagged and priced most pieces; made a list of stock. Went to borrow Megg's bags; selected colors to go with my pieces. I thought I'd like between 6-8 bags, so I borrowed 11. Yummy. I'm tempted to buy one for my sister, and another for myself. Luckily, I can't decide which colors.

Oh, and the paper bag; by the time I went back to the store, they were out of brown bags, so I got the gold before they ran out of that, too. What did I tell you about a small town? Affixed navy & gold decoration on all 16 bags; that should be more than enough for both Market nights.

I've six more pieces to finish, as in fringe, wash, or sew the ends of two scarves. I'm trying out fringeless. Where all the stuff is now, in front of the TV, is where I lay big pieces to dry. Darn.

The one or two more warps before Friday? Not gonna happen.

And sorry about the sorry photos. But at this rate, I'll survive, and enjoy Friday.


Anonymous said...

Little bundles of color and joy! So beautiful Meg. You must be excited for Friday's sales, new customers and old friends stopping to say Happy Holidays! It will be be fun!

I have been pondering the craft v. artist v. weaver discussion. I have to admitt the preperations, completions and photoshoot left me completely spent. As I clean up my studio and prepare for the years end this is a great topic to disect. Hopefully by the end of the week I will have some thoughtful musing of my own. Thank you for starting the conversation.

Have fun at Friday's market!

Meg said...


Enjoying Friday is the plan. I hope my friends come out.

And do have a think about what you think... and let me know!

Geodyne said...

You look so prepared!

For all that you don't think you're going to get the extra warps on before Friday, I remain in awe at your and other weaver's productivity. I can only dream of weaving so rapidly - although I'm hoping to get a bit in over the next fortnight as I have time off work.

Best of luck with the market on Friday, and best of the season to you!


Meg said...

No, no, Tara, I'm a super-slow weaver, both in working, and in making decisions. I almost named my "brand" the "Slo Weaver".

I've still got half a dozen things to do, including putting on labels on a few things, fringing and washing one more, and just getting things together. Yikes, I think I'll sleep all day Saturday.