Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Special Greetings to Everybody in New England

I can't help it, I went to high school in the 70's, so of course Barry Manilow was my favorite, and "Weekend in New England" made me fantasize about this achingly romantic place. I'm not even sure which states fit the description; I'm thinking Maine, Vermont, and Rhode Island. Is Massachusetts in there, too? Connecticut?

Re:fine exhibition is going to be installed, with some modification, at The Suter in Nelson, and today I had to deliver four pieces, including the Tapa piece that another artist rejected to at the Wellington Re:fine and as a result was now shown. I was early so I had coffee at the cafe, and I was reading the September 2007 issue of House Beautiful, the American edition. It was all about subdued colors; though they called them neutral, but they were not that, but it was a beautiful issue nevertheless. And some of the shots made me think of New England once again.

I've never been east of Eau Claire, Wisconsin, except for a week in Washington DC, so I don't know New England. I like to imagine a smallish house on a large wooded property in the autumn, the grounds not raked and looking painfully autumnal and nostalgic. I'd love to sit on a chair covered in chintz, and read, or write a letter longhand. I don't even know if this is far off the mark, but that's the picture I have.

I rushed to the aforementioned magazine shop and asked for the September issue, but alas, they had returned it to the distributor. Darn. The December issue just wasn't the same.


  1. Congratulations on your pieces for Re:Fine! Its nice to have your work recognized. As for New England - there is nothing like it in the Fall. The amazingly unexpected burst of colors. The distinct smell of decaying leaves. The crisp air. This defines Fall and New England for me. Or maybe it is the time - I went to college there and was so perfectly happy with my studies, but always wished for Mountain Day to arrive. A campus tradition in which the president would ring the campus bell early early in the morning signaling that classes were canceled and all students should pack a lunch and go enjoy Mother Nature's gifts. Ahhh New England!

  2. Divine. New England doesn't disappoint, doest it, Lynne. Sigh....

    And it doesn't matter how many times I've delivered my stuff somewhere (which is like... four for me....) I still almost skip when I'm delivering my stuff. And in two days I got asked if I'd be interested in exhibiting in 2008 in two galleries in town, so that makes me pleased. (Although I can imagine myself screaming "Lock Down" again before each of those.)


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