Last Day

We received a lot of flower arrangements for Dad in these triangular paper bags this summer. For some reason I wanted to show you this all summer. Record hot summer was unkind to fresh flowers, though.
I made a warp inspired by Mom's Laharya cloth that turned out to be not Laharya but a simple shibori-dyed she bought in/near Laharya. Never mind. I didn't have the saturated oranges and pinks seen in the original cloth, so mine is redder, but I'm looking forward to weaving this warp. It'll be a wide cashmere piece.
We had a tropical storm travel most of the length of Honshu Island in one day today. And a wee quake and a tornado. It's quicker to list cities and regions not affected by it, but as usual, we had a bit of rain and a bit of wind and a fab sunset. This is most likely the last sunset I'll see from this house, as next time I visit, I'll probably be staying at Mom's new apartment.

And this is the last transmission from Japan this trip. Unless of course the storm decides to come back tomorrow. Yikes.


Sandra Rude said...

Too bad it takes nasty weather to produce a sunset like that...

Safe travels - I'm sure you'll be delighted to be home!

margery meyers haber said...

Beautiful warp! Can't wait to see what you weave with it. Hope you have a safe and easy trip back.