Not-Laharya: Sample 1

This is more like it; I can now see what I've been doing and until I see things, everything I think/say/type is hypothetical. And, lo, I can kind of see the weaving pattern for the first time!

The idea for this warp is to have one weft color, or three or four in longer increments, in horizontal stripes. The only color I had in mind from the start was the yellow-green seen about one-third of the way from the top. I also like the three highly saturated yellow/orange/pink at the bottom; these colors existed in the original cloth; if I go ahead with these, I would use all three in said stripe and may even bring in the yellow-green as a fourth color. There is also one nice purple, where you see ends sticking out on both sides, but I'm not sure if I have enough, or if I want to weave a generous-length piece with this skinny weft. And while sampling with that purple, I thought a darker mid-gray would be nice, so I sampled two towards the top. 

I'm not sure about the weaving draft. Among other things, I allowed weft floats of up to 9 warps in an 18EPI cloth. I can't remember what I usually do, but probably a maximum of 7. The stability/snaggability doesn't concern me as much the "wrong side of  the cloth" look.

Dinner next.

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