Monday, October 14, 2013

Speaking of India

Last Wednesday at the appointed Skype time, I had the computer on but not Skype, and missed my face-to-face with Mom. I'm happy to report that when we reconnected this morning she sounded very much like her old self. The house sale is taking a detour, but for the better we hope, thanks in large part to my baby brother. But Mom's really been into weaving, (she has a new silk warp on,) and is thinking more about traveling to India, perhaps in a year's time. If she can wait that long, I may even tag along, or she may meet me in Australia. It's fun to imagine both scenarios and look up textily places in both countries. Mom knows how to Google now.

I did wonder if my having stayed home too long delayed her getting back to this stage, but no use dwelling on that. So we move on.

On days when I can't seem to do much, I've been trying to cook or clean the pantry. About a year ago when I decided we need to eat more healthily, we bought ingredients with which I cook, (dried beans, for starters,) but from which Ben shies away. This weekend I wanted to eat beans, so I soaked them, intending to make a curry of some description. Ben volunteered last night, and man, oh, man, did he outdo himself. Again!
We love animal protein, both land and sea. We also like vegetarian dishes. And we also love curry. But I let me tell you, he got the proportion of the beans, veggies and spices just right last night, so the result was spicy and tasty but not overpowered neither by protein nor spieces. Bliss!

Right, work-talk.

I made another cashmere warp to be tied to the current one.

I tried to count the number of end in this warp I made before mid-October last year, again, but after four tries, I get four different numbers. And I can't find any notes or even scrap piece of paper.

This baby/picnic/couch blanket and my purple one have been waiting to be wet-finished, but either I use up the hot water doing laundry and dishes, or I haven't had the stamina for it.

The foreseeable future is going to be a lot of catching up and filling the gaps of the last one year. Which I don't mind. I just want to be on the loom.

I've also been playing with my Weaver to Weaver goodies a bit. They are like Linus' security blanket. Does anyone want to give that another go?


  1. Meg, don't you miss a chance to go to India with your Mom! How fabulous would that be? And if you come to Sydney, please let me know. Ben's dinner looks wonderful. What a husband!

  2. Carol, we shall see. I'm going to Old Bar, and possibly Hornsby around August, if the Oz trip eventuates. Are you near Old Bar?

    Margery, no, we can rarely give recipes because we don't follow any, but the beans were dried soaked Corona Beans, Ben used whatever unobtrusive veggies he found on hand, many from the onion family, and spices and a pack of pre-packaged curry spices. The oil we use is rice bran lately, and he boiled the beans separately first, not well enough to eat but just got it started, and then cooked the veg, spices and beans very slowly for a long time. You're a good cook, girl; now you take it from here. LOL.


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