Wednesday and Thursday

I went to see Dr Tom this morning and have in my hot little hands the hay fever nose spray plus eye drops that don't interfere with the spray. It'll take a few days for them to kick in, but my body, and especially the brain, are on their way to functioning more or less in a... functional manner. Beats being brain dead, which, if you suffer from hay fever, you'll understand.
I finished the first of Not-Laharya. The top half is A-side, the bottom half, form the yellow band, is B-side. Unfortunately the portion I wove on Monday were beaten too hard and you can see the squashed diamond shapes. Yikes.At least the colors are more or less accurate on my screen.This is only resting so it'll be interesting to see what happens in the wet-finishing.
I started the second piece; the weft is in three greens, and I can't improve the colors any more but the real deal looks so different from the above pic. Oh, well. I'm weaving this in the original draft at the bottom; I thought long and hard about the floats of 9 but any effort to remedy it made the draft less attractive, and when washed the long floats were fluffy and lovely, so I decided to go ahead with it.

Yesterday I washed the two large pieces which were waiting forever, plus two biggish pieces I withdrew form the Refinery recently. They sat in the gallery for much too long. I think one is going to turn into a bag. 

Tomorrow morning, I go back to Ronette's drawing class.


Meg said...

I know that hay fever and associated allergies are at the very bottom of the serious-illnesses scale, but having suffered it for over 40 years I have often wondered how much brain power is sucked up by this around the globe, every year. Someone somewhere no doubt have put a dollar value to this, you know... AaaaaCHOOOOOOOO!

Dorothy said...

I love the way your weaving is going. Hayfever is horrible and frustrating in my experience! I worked at half-speed for two months this summer and it was like wading through treacle.