Thursday, January 14, 2016


This week's post was going to be about something totally different. I had a rather long draft post consisting of oh-so-many bullet points with oh-too-many usual suspects, at the end of which I was going to whinge about money. The main subject still interests me so I may revisit later.

I was going to whinge about Air New Zealand having yet another sale and because I was indecisive about when to go home I missed out on their last sale, and how even though I knew there would be another sale I felt compelled to book tickets when did, so I "lost" big money. It's self-inflicted. But it was big money, not a couple of bucks, not a couple hundred bucks, but three of couple hundred bucks.

I could have done so much in that expensive country for that amount. I know it's just money, but I've tried so hard to economize this side of 2014 Australia trip, and even though I didn't go into town often because I honestly wanted to weed and weave, it's also true I don't waste money on greeting cards and nice soaps and coffee and cake. Then NZ$ just dropped and I was feeling really sorry for myself. This is going to be an expensive trip.
As promised I finished my Pop Up Shop on New Year's Eve. I felt underwhelmed by the look/feel of the shop primarily because the 11 items were eclectic, and there is no visual cohesion, no prettiness. It wasn't the girly chintzy shop I had in mind. and yes, I did.

Ben announced it on his Facebook page, oh, a week ago, and told me I must do the same and still I dithered. But impotently watching the NZ$ drop further, I thought the timing was right for non-NZ friends and I posted late last night. And today I sold six.

I feel excruciatingly humbled, overwhelmed, surprised, appreciative, elated, but also ill-prepared because even though I knew in my head there is a lot more work in online selling after posting on the Internet, to be honest I thought I'd be lucky if I sold one, two tops, during this pop up period and didn't rehearse all the way through. I got almost a little teary, even, with the warm words I received.

Then I pressed the pieces, lint-rolled them, check the labels and tags, gave a vinegar bath to a couple, and tomorrow pack three up to post, and three to take with me to Japan.

I am sincerely humbled, and appreciative, and hope they like my work. And a little tired. There is so much to improve even with a wee online pop up shop. But before I close, really, sincerely, thank you.


  1. Air New Zealand kindly sent me a last notice saying the sale ends today just before I turned off the computer last night. Lordy. Meanwhile, I think I tripled the number of pieces sold this tax year in a few hours yesterday. I still win, you big Goliath!

  2. Meanwhile, during Skype last night Mom was busy telling me about her friend's fall, another friend's husband's possible health issues, a sofa bed she bought for me, how/where/what time we are to meet when I get there so she can let me into the building, (the hottest weekly topic,) and being interrupted by a call from her step sister, I couldn't broach the subject of my monster success. Which was fine. I feel strangely grown up in the last 24 hours.

    For just a wee while we the lucky ones bask in the warmth and protection of parental love, then we struggle to get away from the clutches for so long, then before we know it, we're trying to make sure the parents don't hurt themselves and telling them what to do. Coexisting peacefully with (my) family is hard, man, especially for such a big-pink-polka-dotted bossy pants as myself.

  3. Meg I know I'm going to love mine! Deposited the moolah in my paypal late today so I can pay the invoice tomorrow. Excited! And happy for you that you sold six. Woo. Hobo!

  4. Oh, oh, oh, it didn't eat your comment!! And thank you for your custom. (<= read that part politely.) And can I just say quietly... Seven. :-)

  5. I really feel with you. I find it very hard to get sales online, I tried a bit of Google adwords and Facebook for advertsing before Christmas and it didn't help much. And the Norwegian kroner has dropped the whole last year because of the falling oil price, I don't know if we can afford to travel as a family abroad this year. I wish you the best of luck in Japan!

  6. It's a strange one, this online sale. I need to establish a procedure and a checklist to make tings easier for me. On the other had, it's nice to know who I'm selling to, and I can have a proper customer database, to which I'm supposed send seasonal greetings, etc., etc. It changes the whole landscape of the non-weaving part of my weaving.

  7. Maybe you should fly to L.A. instead, and get a $99 IcelandicAir flight to Iceland!!!

  8. Congratulations on your 'swift' sales - not really a big surprise though, is it!? And - I hope you'll be better really quickly.

    1. Thank you, and sorry about yesterday. Will be in touch in the next couple of days.


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