The Blue Lot

Not a good photo-shoot day, but here goes.
The first piece with shortened floats and elongated design turned out elegant and lacy.
Aha Aha turned out just as I imagined, except floats could have been even longer. Lovely silk drape that just drapes.

These two have identical yarns for the warp and the weft. I had problems pressing some parts too long and they turned white and shiny. The top I remedied by steaming, (thank you, Laura Fry,) the second, which I finished first, by putting it through a weak vinegar bath. I take it both methods reset the compression of the fiber. I have to study more about silk.
Mama's has wefts of many cashmeres. It's thinner but more felted/clothy than cashmere-warp cloth. Different colors fulled at a different rate so the selvedge is "variable".
Because of the changeable light, I got a few weird shots; I did't know I could "do" double exposure on a digital, but strange and interesting.

This navy warp yarns are the same mill end merino as the gray lot. I have little gray left, some indigo, and lots of this navy. They don't break, they are soft, and show off the silks wonderfully. I luuuurve them. Another warp in one of these may be the first job I'll do when I get back.

I have entered my count down mode: I leave in two weeks and two days. That doesn't surprise me, but that it's already the 25th of January baffles me. I have the peach piece to refringe/rinse, four old-fashioned wool pieces to hem, and I think that's that for work in that time. As regards house/garden, well.....


phlegmfatale said...

The effect of the weave reminds me a bit of mokumo gane. Stunning.

phlegmfatale said...

Sorry- mokume gane.

Meg said...

That's right. When I designed the first version a few years ago, I was definitely going for the wood grain look. When I was a kid I saw a lot of taffeta silk in fancy Western dresses, probably in magazines, so mokume came to symbolize luxury in my mind. Now I just love it.