A Week of... Gardening??

On Tuesday, I tidied my stash room a little and evacuated all mixed media stuff from the living room. Because I've been in full work mode, (whatever "full" means when one's been mildly/moderately depressed and is fighting sporadic joint pains,) I had yarns all over the floor I could hardly move. Now, most wooly stuff are back in boxes or downstairs, and mixed media stuff re-sorted with even a wee table surface to see, select and try out ideas. This is not a change in focus, but for right brain massaging. I've been working on a post about my first Letter Journal experience; I hope to finish soon.
On Wednesday I finished the practice needlepoint piece. The one-horizontal-one-vertical in combination with a long-and-skinny made it impossible to shape it in its original rectangle; I don't have a needlepoint frame, so I wonder if this would be a problem with a larger, more or less square piece. Towards the end, (top right,) I had ran out of darker blues, and experimented with jigsaw-puzzle-like shapes, which made the whole thing more interesting. Funny how the top looks a little like the top of the South Island around Nelson; that was completely unintentional. I don't have a concrete plan for the next project yet.

I liked having a needlepoint project; I worked little bits at a time while watching the telly in the evenings. Ditto knitting, spinning, and embroidery; I love the portability and, what's the word, instant accessibility (?). Perhaps if I worked on a small frame loom, it would be the weaving equivalent. More than that, I wished I were less circumspect about drawing.

This afternoon, we went outside for the first time this "gardening" week. We only tidied the pots on the patio, and saw how much work needs doing, (a lot!) but it was one half day more than nothing. And I'm about an hour and a bit away from finishing threading the baby blanket. We have been eating a lot of yummy healthy food this week, though. Ben smoked some chicken and pork and we got delicious loaves from the good bakery, so lots of beautiful open sandwiches. It's definitely getting warmer.


Cate Rose said...

I did a lot of needlepoint in the 1970s. I never used a frame. Was much easier to work without one, especially after the canvas softened up and bent/folded easily.
Sorry about your recurring joint pain. Arthritis? Fibromyalgia? I definitely hope it's not rheumatoid arthritis.
Sorry, also, about your continuing depression. Refresh my memory: do you take anything for it?
And it's definitely falll here where I am. Even had a bit of rain last night although I doubt it did more than wet the pavement.
Be well, my friend.

Meg said...

It's actually nice to go back to it, Connie, in a sitting-on-the-couch-with-the-telly-on way. I did a lot in the 70's, bits and pieces in the 80's and 90's, and I had some canvases left so I picked it up again. Mom and I used to swap needlepoint and knitting design ideas, and of course these can be used, to a certain degree, in weaving. I have sweaty hands, so they fold like tissues after a few days.

Joint pain is a combination of a fall in 2006 and bad postures. I knew all about it, but neglected to really get to the bottom of it, since no medical professionals were able to fix it instantly in the intervening years. The Bowen massage, though, works for me and makes me more aware of what I'm doing wrong.

Citalopram 10mg - which needs to be taken 6-9 months and I started on Month 4. It's been much better these last couple of weeks, but a combination with hayfever and joint difficulties doesn't help my grumptitude. :-D

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