Thursday, December 28, 2017

Garden Santas

I can't believe my Santas hadn't made an appearance on Unravelling. I was giddy when I adopted them in Jan/Feb 2015 (?) I couldn't stop posting on Facebook. Esther was getting rid of years of teaching samples and let me adopt these guys. (And a few spare body parts.)
I moved them around like chess pieces every time I walked by and talked to them. They are like the Terracotta Soldiers - all unique individuals. As you can imagine, I keep changing my mind about painting the whole thing, only parts, or not at all; white and pale blue, white and navy, red and white, red and green, green and white, or something totally different; to coat, or not, to protect them from mold, bird droppings, and other hazards of nature.
Then Esther gave me this guy, accompanied by spicy Christmas cookies, last week, so now I went back to white and red.
Or not. I remembered we had a bunch of test posts from when we picked colors for projects, so I'll use those, and augment with acrylics. They had a long bath last night. One Santa's hat came off a while back and another's pompom at the end of the hat, but both have been fixed. I'll work on them slowly so they all look similar but different.

They're going to guard key points of the garden when I'm done; individually or in groups, I haven't decided. I need some mechanism to at least prevent them from falling when wild animals, (wekas, possibly rodents, numerous domestic cats, and birds, especially black birds,) roam or mate in our place; sticks. Some day, our place will look interesting, and who better to stand guard than an army of Santas all year round.
And we couldn't help ourselves; we got one more fabric for Ben's PJ bottom. As a thanks for this, this morning.

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