Just Another Day

7.30PM on the last day on the calendar on 2017. 

In the last few days I wanted to finish three projects, after giving up on both of us feeling like doing housework/garden work at the same time with approximately the same gusto. We have managed to cook some delish meals and have kept the kitchen clean, but that's about it.

First project was my quick crochet nap blanket, except I couldn't tell how much yarn was on the cone, so I kept trying to finish this all week, and finally I spent nine hours today, but got it done. Just now. I made it long enough it at covers  Ben from neck to feet, and weighs a ton so it'll be so nice come winter. .

Midweek I wanted to weave the clasped weft piece, the one I used to called "tapestry technique"; except my hand was very rough because I got a lot of quick glue on my hand fixing two garden santas;  catching on all kinds of fiber even after I washed them in lukewarm water and kitchen cleanser, like three times. So I started threading the walnut Oz merino on the big loom, the warp I put on the loom some time ago. I started with straight draw but quickly bored and switched to undulating twill about 80 ends in; I think I'll go downstairs now and do some more. 

I won't know what this threading looks like because I'm making it up as I go, but the warp is long enough for only one piece, so I'm going to keep it simple, with my handspun merino singles in the weft. That's the plan for now. The piece may look something like this: 
And the last one is drawing faces; because I spent so much time on the crochet, I still have spaces for 51 faces. I'll do some tonight but if I don't finish tonight, no big deal, I'll just work on it next year. But this morning I was sleepily gazing at Facebook and came across a painting that instantly gave me a good idea for 2018; I'm going to draw/paint tiny abstracts. I'm setting no other restrictions so things may change/morph/criss cross a bit in the next year, but I hope to draw/paint one for every day, if not actually drawing everyday. 
I still have several more things on the To Do list I wanted to finish before the year's end, but that's life; I've got four hours and a bit left. You all be good, and see you on the other side. 


Meg said...

Feels like a lot longer ago, and yet feels unreal. This was also 2017. https://www.bostonglobe.com/metro/2017/02/02/randall-darwall-weaver-museum-worthy-clothing-dies/LECWRWaBatRWbGVBo7zFhI/story.html

Donna said...

Hi Meg !
I think that now, "down there" in NZ, you are already in 2018
I wish you for 2018 a very happy, healthy and creative year !!!

Meg said...

Yes, we went to bed at 12:04 and it's now been 2019 for 10 hours. I hope you have a good year, too, Donna.

Donna said...

Hey, 2019 yet, in NZ ? Cannot believe it !

Meg said...

LOL. Good things take time, but getting ready for lunch #1-2018 now.