Variegated Purple/Green Merino/Mohair Warp 3 + Sketchbook Project

There are times where sensible option isn't the most attractive. I tend to go for the sensible, because I'm a pragmatist, but today, I resleyed to 21EPI and started weaving the purple warp. The tension is very low for me, (it's hard to keep it even,) but the weft is packed, so theoretically the only change from the 21EPI sample is the tension, and so far no broken warp. This draft's repeat is 652 picks; I wove 400 and got 21.5cm, so roughly 3000 picks to go. That's going to take a few days. The selvedge is scalloped and all over the place, but I'm OK with it.
I wanted to weave with the darker dark purple weft but it was cloudy and dark downstairs so I started with teal. It's more vibrant and saturated than the pic, but you get the gist.
You saw this on Saturday. It's the felty, compacted, intense look and feel of 21EPI B-side I find so attractive, seen on the left. We'll see how I survive 3-ish pieces of 180cm-ish scarves; I might have a change of heart somewhere.

* * * * *

On June 30 I realized, heck, it's the end of June. I knew the Sketchbook Project was due sometime in August; turns out it has to be postmarked before August 15. I had vague but ambitious plans before Lockdown but I didn't make any progress. Besides, post being what it is I'm best posting it on August 1-ish.

So I went with an idea I've been kicking around in my head most recently; a concertina with a repeat of my Dude painted, collaged, drawn, etc, in different way. (Wouldn't it have made a fabulous Lockdown project?) For now I have room for 12 guys but I've cut/folded two more sheets so if time allows I can add 6 or 12 more. The book itself will look/feel better if I can add more so I must get cracking, but this is something I can do little at a time.
Sorry about the terrible light. The pencil marks are pretty pale, too.

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