Moving On

Yesterday I un/rewound about 3m of the purple variegated mohair/merino warp, and restarted weaving. The selvedge was horrible, so I started a second time like so: 
I picked three weft colors that looked nice together, but I don't know if I'll keep going or restart with one color. The weft color combination looks too modern/casual, like a Marimekko dress I had in the 80s, but the design is... not?
I am amazed how many colors go well with dark purple and green because I used to think dark purples were choosier. I am spoiled for choice, which is why I picked three for this piece. The old sample were brought out again, but not only are they not helping in choosing colors, but...  
I also like the warp yarns showing more clearly in the looser sett. Oh, dear.
I am not in a rush. I can tell the unwinding helped a great deal, but it'll still be a delicate operation with the brittle warp and big shed. I'm still prepared to abandon it if it gets too onerous. Best case scenario, there is enough warp to make two longish scarves plus a souvenir, or three shortish. 
I recounted the number of warp ends of the orange/yellow cashmere warp on the Ashford 8-shaft by color, so I can start working on drafts. Then I found I had not only counted/recorded, but already made drafts. This was one of them and I think it'll work. I remembered oranges and especially yellows were hard to see on the screen so I used blues to show color changes, but boy, I do like these blues!
I was looking at for I wove in the past few years in this blog because I couldn't recall many, and I happened on this and honestly, I have no recollection. I think I'd like to weave this modified version in skinny merino or silk or some such in the near future. Interesting how I threaded first the last time and then input it to consider how to weave it.

New Year's Resolution? No, not doing that any more. I remember a few years ago when I couldn't think of anything for the first time in my life, and felt astonished and a little guilty. But like the Good Intentions list, (on which I shall keep working because it was meant for this all summer,) I am adopting two principles as my priorities: to finish things, and to aim for the best quality rather than speed, efficiency, etc, in everything. 

And to that end, I decided to make note of books and particularly good audiobooks I finish in my diary; just title, author, year and one or two lines of comments, but I hope this will encourage me to  finish books and a couple of lines may just help me remember. Small stuff.

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