Ah, Office Work

I went to help Martin and Maria at Arts Marketing to take care of a small section of a big event they are holding at the end of May. It was a simple task, but great fun putting on my events managing cap again. And after the debacle at my six-month stint in office work in 2004, it was reassuring to know I still had it in me to produce satisfying results.

The event is called the Top of the South Arts Expo, a kind of a match-making between artists and galleries/shops. Back in January, Arts Marketing asked visual artists looking for outlets to submit a mini portfolio; galleries/shops around the country had a chance to see these, and some expressed interest in meeting some of us. So we are getting together over two days at the end of the month, artists displaying samples of their work, and galleries/shops looking for new talents.

At the very last minute, I qualified to attend the Expo, so I'm looking forward to strutting my stuff, after I make a few new ones, and possibly redesign my logo/business card. I know there will always be some who are unhappy with aspects of any event and we'll hear from them louder than those who were satisfied, but it's always more rewarding to be involved in different capacities in these events.

Thank you for the opportunity, Martin and Maria.


KB said...

Seeeee!!!! It's GR8 when you have a goal.....a 'purpose' as such!

Yay for the Expo!! =)

Meg said...

I love being my own boss, that I answer only to myself in this job; it's just that I kind of suck at it. I've so got to get my act together for the next three weeks, it's not funny!