What Do You Do with Leftover Art?

I sent four pieces to this year's National Exhibit by the New Zealand Spinning, Weaving and Woolcraft Society; all four were accepted; they were in the show, but the show is now over, and I got back three pieces and a check for the fourth. Hurray, I sold one more.

But what do I do with "stash" that's growing in the middle of my stash room. I walk around it every morning to open the shades and the window of that room, trying not to step on the edges, not sure whether to make eye contact or be in denial.

How long do I keep them? I'm not adverse to giving them for good causes, but when and how do I decide what to give away? My accountant, who is a painter, told me, "TradeMe", a successful NZ version of EBay; spoken like a true accountant. Is that what I should do?

In New Zealand, there are charity bins all over town, where you can donate used or new clothes, shoes, bags, books, toys, etc. to good causes. That's where my rejects go, did I tell you? But not these ones, not yet.


jb said...

TradeMe's too down market for your stuff.

Ever thought of direct marketing from here?

Or the Saturday market in Nelson?

Or give them away to blogger friends for the postage instead of binning them?

The gallery in Picton might be a good outlet for the "good stuff" to complement Red.

Meg said...

Thank you, that's what I thought!

Saturday marketing; no, because I don't have enough to make the stall look pretty, and my prices are probably not suitable for there.

Oreal in Picton?

I won't bin them just yet.

Anonymous said...

I have a lot of paintings that get old and collect dust - i have donated several to women's groups for silent auctions and to hospitals - that way they are in a good place and can be seen.
So weird Meg, I come from a long line of weavers in my family.

Meg said...

That's what I thought might happen to me, too, Piika.

And nothing weird - you're from Scandinavia, of course you have weavers in your family!

jb said...

And I've done some weaving in my time, too.

Meg said...

Seriously? I don't know if you're just having me on, or serious, because you are a Kiwi, and every Kiwi's grandma probably used to have a loom anyway.

jb said...

Mostly on the way home from the pub...

Meg said...

Ha ha ha... Figures.